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NOTICE: The Marlay House Tuesday Night Gathering will resume when it's determined to be safe to meet. Thank You!

Every Tuesday night I meet up to play with some of the best musicians around at the Marlay House pub in Decatur, GA, 7:30 to 10:30.

I look forward to Tuesday nights because it's Trad Music Tuesdays at The Marlay House - and you're invited to come and listen, chat with old friends (or make new ones), dance, and generally have a gas!

It's one "gig" that I try to make a regular weekly part of my life when I'm in at home in Atlanta, so if you want to come out and hear me make music (with some other mighty talented musicians) this is your opportunity. Disclaimer -  though I'm a regular you may want to contact me before you come just to make sure I'm not galavanting elsewhere on any given Tuesday.

Though some folks may call this musical gathering an Irish session, it's neither particularly Irish (though of course we play plenty of Irish tunes) nor a session - not in the sense that all comers are always welcome as is true with many sessions.

However we do welcome guests from time to time - from beginners to touring professional  musicians.

At the Marlay on Tuesday nights you can expect Irish, Old Time, and "Old World" music of many stripes. A typical Tuesday will start out with Irish and Old Time tunes (and possibly a few Scottish songs when our buddy Dave Hutton shows!) until the repertoire expands to include Cajun, Scandinavian, Balkan, Gypsy jazz, Mexican, South American and good old country music  (I'm talking oooold country music!).

2019 marks the 10th Anniversary of the Marlay House, and the 10th Anniversary of this great Atlanta/Decatur tradition. Come and have a ball!

Please check back for future performances, or subscribe to my mailing list.

Fo a taste, check out the video below: A Tuesday night at The Marlay House, courtesy PBA TV 30: